Trent Valley Association List of Churches


Emmanuel Baptist Church,

68 Rollins Drive, K8N 4J4, ON.  1-613-969-8885

Pastor: Rev. Ray Dickens –


Victoria Avenue Baptist Church,

34 Victoria Avenue, K8N 1Z4, ON.   1-613-962-5262

Pastor: Rev. Richard Smith –


Campbellford Baptist Church

166 Grand Road, Box 490, K0L 1L0, ON.   1-705-653-4000

Pastors: Lionel Pye –

Nathan Denhoed –


First Baptist Church

1790 Central Street, Box 2E, L1Y 1B4, ON.   1-905-649-1821

Pastor: Craig Wilson –


Calvary Baptist Church

237 Ball Street, K9A 3H8, ON.   1-905-372-9534

Pastor: Clarke Dixon –


Eddystone Baptist Church

378 Eddystone Road. R.R.1, Grafton,  K0K 2G0, ON. 1-905-349-2326

Pastor: Bill Thompson  –

215 Lyle Street, Box 272, Grafton, K0K 2G0, ON.

Fenelon Falls

Immanuel Baptist Church

20 Bond Street E, Box 747, K0M 1N0, ON.  1-705-887-6656

Pastor: Hartley Smith  –


Goodwood Baptist Church

283 Hwy. 47, Box 97, L0C 1A0, ON.  1-905-640-3111

Pastor: Kevin Oates –


Lakeside Baptist Church

9 Park Street, Box 749, K0M 1S0, ON.  1-705-457-2851

Pastor: Paul Graham  – 


Lakefield Baptist Church

36 Regent Street, Box 56, K0L 2H0, ON.  1-705-652-8056


Pastor: Ben VanderHeide  –


Cambridge Baptist Church

28 Cambridge Street North, K9V 4C5, ON.  1-705-324-4712

Pastor: Rev. Philip Styles


First Baptist Church

812 Hortop Street, L1G 4P1, ON.  1-905-725-3962

Pastor:  Charles Jackson (Interim)


Harmony Road Baptist Church

226 Harmony Road South, L1H 6T7, ON.  1-905-728-2322

Pastor: Rev. Rob Denhoed  –

Associate Pastor: Rev. David Stewart


Omemee Baptist Church

21 Sturgeon North, Box 127, Omemee, K0L 2W0, ON.  1-705-799-1469


Edmison Heights Baptist Church

160 Marina Blvd, ON. K9H 6M9,  1-705-742-3311

Pastor: Chris Taylor –


Gilmour Memorial Baptist Church

2083 Chemong Road, Selwyn, ON. K9J 6X2, 1-705-745-7023

Pastor: Ben Denhoed –


Murray Street Baptist Church

175 Murray Street, ON. K9H 2S7, 1-705-745-4376

Pastor: Brad Peters –


Park Street Baptist Church

16 Park Street North, ON. K9J 3V4. 1-705-742- 5583

Pastor: Malcolm Young –


Selwyn Outreach Centre (The Church at Selwyn)

2686 Lakefield Road, Selwyn, ON. K9J 6X5.   1-705-742-9258

Pastor: Brian Mahood –


Community Baptist Church

2145 Brock Road North, ON. L9P 1R4.  1-905-686-6311

Port Hope

First Baptist Church

57 John Street, ON. L1A 2Z3, 1-905-885-6021


Sidney Baptist Church

704 Baptist Church Road, Stirling, ON. K0K 3E0.

Pastor: Lisa Brewitt –


Orchard-view Baptist Church

178 Lester Rd., Trenton, ON. K8V 5P8. 1-613-392-5284

Pastor: Ray Wilson.  463 River Rd.,S., R.R.1 Corbyville, On. K0K 1H0



Uxbridge Baptist Church

231 Brock Street West, Box 694, ON. L9P 1N1,  1-905-852-3662


Lead Pastor: Rev. Dale Dawson –

Community Pastor: Kathy McIntosh –

Pastor of Youth and Young Adults: Christopher Rosevear

West Guilford

West Guilford Baptist Church

1063 Nila Road, P.O. Box 121, ON. K0M 2S0,  1-705-754-1537

Pastor: Rev. Brian Plouffe –


Whitby Baptist

411 Gilbert Street E., ON. L1N 1R6,  1-905-668-9711

Pastors:  Ross Carkner –

Jim Alford –


Whitby Korean Disciples Church

411 Gilbert Street E., ON. L1N 1R6. 1-647-828-2396

Pastor: Brian Choi –

2 thoughts on “Trent Valley Association List of Churches

    Dale Dawson said:
    March 31, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Greetings! At Uxbridge Baptist we have added a Pastor of Youth and Young Adults. His name is Christopher Rosevear. It would be great if you could update your records.
    Many thanks,
    Dale Dawson


      pastorbenlbc responded:
      March 31, 2017 at 3:34 pm

      What is Christopher’s email address?


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