Trent Valley Association

A Brief Outline of Names and Dates of our Association

Name Years Total
The Thurlow Association 1802-1819 17 years
The Haldimand Association 1819-1871 52 years
East Ontario Association 1871-1874  3 years
The Peterborough Association[Toronto Association formed] 1874-1888 14 years
The Peterborough AssociationandThe Whitby-Lindsay Association 1888-1954 66 years
The Trent Valley Association 1954-Present 65 years
Total 217 years

The Thurlow Association lasted for 17 years, and became . . .The Haldimand Association lasting for 52 years, which became . . .The East Ontario Association, but after 3 years it split into two Associations, this geography keeping the name The East Ontario Association and the western portion becoming The Toronto Association. The smaller East Ontario Association continued for 14 years when it split again into two divisions: Eastern division – The Peterborough Association and Western division – The Whitby-Lindsay Association. This continued until 1954, a total of 66 years.  It was then that a meeting was held at Murray Street Baptist Church in Peterborough when the Eastern Division and the Western Division merged into one Association, namely, The Trent Valley Association as we know it today. This Association has a great history.  Since 1954 to 2019 there have been 65 Moderators.

Trent Valley Association Moderators

2019   Rev. Richard Smith

2018   Mr. David Greenhough

2017   Rev. Ben Vanderheide

2016   Mrs. Linda Irwin

2015   Rev. Clarke Dixon

2014   Mrs. Joan Peacock

2013   Rev. Chris Taylor

2012   Rev. Rob Denhoed

2011   Mr. Bruce Dunk

2010   Rev. Lionel Pye

2009   Rev. Miriam Uhrstrom

2008   Rev. Malcolm Young

2007   Mrs. Prue Watts

2006   Rev. Phil Brown

2005   Mrs. Kathy Clulow

2004   Rev. Allen Jorgensen

2003   Mr. Ken Wingett

2002   Rev. Brian Mahood

2001   Mr. David Chambers

2000   Rev. Dr. Charles Jackson

1999   Mrs. Brenda Mann

1998 Rev. Ray Cross

1997   Mr. Gordon Herzog

1996   Rev. Ron Humphries

1995   Mr. Raymond Johnson

1994   Rev. Ralph Mann

1993   Mr. Fred Crome

1992   Rev. Donald Crisp

1991   Mrs. Lois Crofoot

1990 Rev. Paul Naylor

1989   Mr. Eric Bills

1988   Rev. David Gingrich

1987   Mr. Eric Mann

1986   Rev. Cameron Watts

1985   Mrs. Evelyn Gow

1984   Rev. Carsten Pellman

1983   Mr. Kenton Dempsey

1982   Rev. Alva Roblin

1981   Mrs. Nancy Hobart

1980   Rev. Floyd Wilson

1979   Mr. Richard Dallman

1978   Rev. Don Corbett

1977   Mr. Gavin Clutton

1976   Rev. R. McPhee

1975   Mr. William Hales

1974   Rev. Donald B. Stratton

1973   Rev. Stan McMullin

1972   Rev. Fred Jewell

1971   Mrs. Pearl Harnden

1970   Rev. Charles Savage

1969   Mr. Paul Wicks

1968   Rev. T. W. J. Boadway

1967   Rev. T. W. J. Boadway

1966   Mr. Morely Chesher

1965   Rev. John Smith

1964   Rev. Kenneth Robinson

1963   Rev. Gordon B. Woodcock

1962   Rev. E. Williams

1961   Mr. Lawrence Wagg

1960   Rev. George E. Downing

1959   Mr. W. Hales

1958   Dr. Harvey Denton

1957   Mr. Otto Curtis

1956   Rev. L.D. Begg

1955   Mr. R. Magahay

1954   Rev. L. Keith Daniel

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