Trent Valley Association Contacts – 2018

The Executive Council

Position Name E-mail Phone 
Moderator Rev. Richard Smith 613-962-5262
Past Moderator Mr. David Greenhough 705-344-7573
1st Vice- Moderator Rev. Kevin Oates 905-640-3111
2nd Vice-Moderator
Clerk Mrs. Joan Peacock
Treasurer Mr. Bruce Dunk
Assistant Treasurer Mrs. Heather Hockley


The Mission and Ministry Committee

Position (& Term) Name E-mail Phone
Chair:1st Vice-Moderator (1 year) Rev. Kevin Oates   905-640-3111
Vice-Chair: 2nd Vice-Moderator (1 year)
1 (2 years) Mr. Ed Barnes
2 (2 years) Mrs. Noreen McMaster
3 (2 years) Rev. Jeff Snow
4 (2 years) Rev. Brad Peters
5 (2 years)
6 (2 years)
TVWA Ministry Link (2 years) Mrs. Joan Peacock
Newsletter Editor (2 years) Mrs. Wendy Dunits


The Association Ministry Committee

Position (& Term) Name Email Phone 
Chair (2 years) Rev. Ben Denhoed 705-745-7023
Co-Chair: Past Moderator Rev. Ben Vanderheide 705-772-5878
Lay person (2 years) Mr. Bruce Dunk
Pastor (2 years) Rev. Dale Soble
Pastor  (2 years) Rev. Clarke Dixon
Pastor (2 years) Rev. Chris Taylor



One thought on “Contacts

    Brian Low said:
    March 30, 2017 at 3:27 pm


    On April 30th at 3:00 pm Pastor Richard Smith will have his Induction at VABC. We look forward for a representative(s) to come to VABC on that date for this special occasion. Please Contact Brian Low 613-328-9044 or at the email below.

    Thank you,

    Brian Low,
    Deacon Chair.


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